International Course: Yoga
verantwortlich: Niels Kaffenberger


This yoga course is an alignment based mix of hatha and vinyasa yoga. By aligning the physical body in a healthy way, it will be gently mobilised, muscular tension can be eased and bad posture can be improved while your mind gets time to relax. Every class will be a different experience and puts an altering emphasis on self-awareness, breathing, inner and outer balance as well as gaining more strengh and flexibility.
Both beginners and advanced yoga students are welcome to join the class!



Thursdays 12th of April - 12th of July / 13:00 - 14:00


Gymnastikhalle - Unisport-Center


This goes out to every international student or employee who is interested in yoga



What to bring:

Sportswear and a grippy yoga mat


The course will be held in English, but our instructor is able to explain various situations as well in French and German!


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1307Do13:30-14:45GH12.04.-12.07.Caroline Löw
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