Ju-Jutsu - International Test & Taste
verantwortlich: Christian Schulz



Ju-Jutsu is not a "classic" Martial Arts. It is a current self-defense system that combine impact, treadle, elbow and knee techniques as well as levers, throws and floor techniques in a very meaningful and effective way. Techniques from various martial arts (eg Karate, Judo, Aikido and various Filipino Martial Arts) have been modernized and combine in Ju-Jutsu to an effective self-defense sport with which one is able to defend itself after a relatively short time very effectively. As the strength in the techniques is not the main focus, this form of self-defense is very well applicable especially for women.

This 3 hour lasting trial session likes to open a first contact to that attractive kind of sportive activity. We will do exercises in some basic techniques and choreograph some combinations.  The goal is to introduce basic skills and movements and - over all - to have fun!


This trial session goes out to every International Student or Employee who likes to gather first experiences in Ju-Jutsu.


No particular skills needed.

What to bring:

Sportswear and something to drink.




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