International: Swimming for Beginners
verantwortlich: Christian Schulz



Never had the opportunity to learn swimming? Here it is: in 10 lessons step by step you will learn the basic skills of swimming guided by certificated, english speaking instructors.

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On the linked page you will find the identical offer described in german language too (including the info- and registration-table below). This is because these courses are also open to german or german speaking people.

The course comprises a total of 10 dates. It runs from Wednesday 15.05.2019 to Tuesday 25.06.2019 and takes place basically on two dates within a week - on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Since the swimming pool (unfortunately) is not available on all Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the execution of courses (because: Date of Opening Outdoor-Pool-Season at Wed. 15.05., large events like "Meet & Move" on Wed. 12.06. and "Uni-Challenge" on Tue 18.06.), in this weeks the course "Swimming for Beginners" can only take place once a week. Hence the conkrete dates are designed as follows:

01) Mittwoch / Wednesday 15.05.2019
02) Dienstag / Tuesday 21.05.2019
03) Mittwoch / Wednesday 22.05.2019
04) Dienstag / Tuesday 28.05.2019
05) Mittwoch / Wednesday 29.05.2019
06) Dienstag / Tuesday 04.06.2019
07) Mittwoch / Wednesday 05.06.2019
08) Dienstag / Tuesday 11.06.2019
09) Mittwoch / Wednesday 19.06.2019
10) Dienstag / Tuesday 25.06.2019


Hochschulbad - Unisport-Center


The course goes out to (adult) International Students or Employees without any (or just little) swimmingskills.



What to bring:

Swimwear, Towel


For participation NO water-sports-card is required.