International: Biking for Beginners
verantwortlich: Niels Kaffenberger



Never had the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike? We'll teach you the basic skills of riding a bike in 5 lessons with our german and english speaking guide. First we will start far away from any traffic at our "Hochschulstadion" (Lichtwiesenweg 3). After three full lessons we'll visit a training area especially for bikes, were you can get used to german traffic rules and finally in our last lesson we'll take you on a little bike cruse through Darmstadt.



Mondays 17th of June - 15th of July / 16:00 - ca. 18:00


Unisport-Center - Lichtwiesenweg 3


The course goes out to all International Students or Employees without any (or just little) bycicling skills.


No particular skills needed.

What to bring:



We provide the bikes and helmets!!!


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Here you will find the identical offer described in german language (including the info- and registration-table below). This is because the cours is also open to german or german speaking students and employees.