International Test & Taste: Gym-Wheel
verantwortlich: Christian Schulz



Wheel gymnastics is a form of gymnastics that originated in Germany in 1925. Wheel gymnasts do exercises in a large wheel known as the "Rhönrad" ("Rhön" is the name of the mountain region where the wheel was invented), or in english terms as "Gymnastics Wheel", "Gym Wheel," or German Wheel".

This 3 hours lasting trial session likes to open a first contact to that impressing kind of movement. Step by step you will gain first basic skills to handle that spectacular gymnastic-tool and to move your body in a really fascinating way. And we promise: Although you won´t reach elaborated techniques, be sure: you will get stunning experiencies and a lot of fun.

We are a small group at Darmstadt university and having lots of fun doing execises. If you are interested, just bring flat trainers or sneaker, such as chucks - no ballerinas and no running trainers. Thights or shorts and a shirt will complete the equipment beisdes water for the breaks. We are looking forward to having fun with all of you!



This trial session goes out to every International Student or Employee who likes to gather experiences in the sport of Gym-Wheeling.


No particular skills needed.

What to bring:

Clean sports shoes with flat sole; sportswear.




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1190540("Rhönrad")Sa14:00-17:00SH26.10.Lorena Löchel, Sophie Luisa Rainerentgeltfrei